Curriculum Provision

Curriculum Provision

All pupils at Glenwood School have access to the full range of National Curriculum subjects. At Key Stage 4 this is supplemented with option courses along with college and work experience placements, as well as enterprise and work-related learning. Opportunities for accreditation include GCSEs, BTECs, Entry Level Certificate of Achievement, Functional Skills and AQA unit awards.

We recognise that the curriculum needs to be well matched to individual pupils’ needs and interests, and also that it needs to be academically and personally challenging. Pupils’ are helped to make progress at a pace appropriate to their abilities and needs. Those experiencing difficulties in English and Maths have interventions to boost progress in these subjects; those pupils who are particularly able also have the opportunity for extra support to move on their achievement.

The curriculum we deliver at Glenwood School is built on three foundations and is driven by our school values.

Communication and Advocacy
We will equip our pupils with the skills to become valued and responsible members of the community and have the confidence to make their own choices about their role within it. Our pupils will be able to express themselves, to interpret and understand others and from this, develop the ability to advocate for themselves. This is fundamental to their ability to access the world and keep themselves safe.
Independence and Preparing for Adulthood
Our pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and motivation for learning is built on their ability to develop independence. We will provide opportunities for pupils to develop life skills, learn how to problem solve and how to think critically, that will enable them to fully participate in their school life and life beyond school.
Physical, Social and Emotional Good Health
Our curriculum aims to develop the whole child so that they are aware of how to lead an active healthy life and they develop care and consideration for themselves, others and the environment. Emotional well-being is vital in maintaining good mental health and healthy relationships.
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Should you require any further information concerning the curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the school to speak to the subject teachers.