At Glenwood School, Humanities is taught from Year 7 through to Year 11.  The guidelines from the National Curriculum forms the basis of how we teach Humanities at Glenwood. We ensure a nurturing classroom environment taking into account each individual’s needs and targets. Humanities helps our pupils explore what it is to be human and how people live, think and interact in a diverse society. It also enables pupils to consolidate and link their learning from other subjects:

Mathematics: Co-ordinates, distance, chronology and data handling.

Literacy: Reading, writing and project work.

Science: Climate Change, volcanoes and evolution.

PSHE: Diversity, fairness and sustainability.

Food Tech: Food miles and sustainable packaging.

Throughout Key Stage 3 the emphasis centres on life skills, awareness of the cultural differences within the United Kingdom and local field trips. There is also a strong focus on pupils completing tasks independently and self-assessing. This enables pupils to take ownership and responsibility for their work and progress. The specific topics chosen are to encourage and engage pupils in their local area, British Values and complex moral issues.

At Key Stage 4 pupils are given the option of taking GCSE Geography as there are more cross curricular links compared to History or R.E. If pupils prefer, they can opt for an entry level qualification which has been designed to be co-taught with the GCSE Geography.  


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 7

Map Skills: Local Area

UK & British Values

Human History Timeline

1066 Invasion

Christianity Symbols Buildings

Hinduism Symbols Buildings

Year 8

Africa: Child Labour

UK Weather, WC, CC flooding POR

UK Democracy

Slave Trade

Islam Symbols Buildings

Judaism Symbols Buildings

Year 9

Planet Earth (BBT+HE)

Development Rich & Poor countries

WW 2


Christianity Celebration

Hinduism Celebration

Year 10

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

Year 11

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

GCSE/ Entry Level

*BBT = Big Bang Theory, HE = Human Evolution, WC = Water Cycle, CC = Climate Change

Glenwood School


To ensure that pupils of all abilities are equipped with the skills to weigh evidence and think critically about the world in which they live. Therefore, enabling them to be informed and active citizens in a democratic society. In humanities pupils are also able to consolidate skills from other subjects such as Mathematics; co-ordinates, distance, chronology and handling data. Literacy skills such as reading and communication as well as cross curricular links with Science.

Communication and Advocacy Humanities will help our pupils explore what it is to be human and how people live, think and interact in a diverse society. It will enable them to be aware and be respect of other members of our community. Topics such as the Atlantic Slave Trade, Development and the Holocaust will enable our pupils to have empathy with cultures they will encounter outside of school.  
Independence and Preparing for Adulthood Within the humanities curriculum, pupils are encouraged to engage with complex and debatable ideas from climate change to child labour. Many of the topics are thought provoking and often lead to pupils questioning the reasons for the way society has evolved. Pupils are given the opportunity to complete fieldwork which has a combination of independent tasks but also teamwork when collecting data. Pupils are also encouraged to self-mark their own work.  
Physical, Social and Emotional Good Health Humanities can help our pupils to understand themselves and their relationship with the world around them. It can also help pupils explore their own identities, values, beliefs and enable them to be interested in those of other peoples. Humanities also challenges stereotypes and allows pupils to become more humane and compassionate individuals.  

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– UK and British Values Human History TimelineChild Labour.