Glenwood School was inspected on 17th – 18th December 2019.

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“The curriculum is a strength of the school. Pupils learn about a wide range of subjects that prepare them well for their next steps.” 

“….varied range of opportunities for pupils assures their strong spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and enhances their understanding of life in modern Britain.”

“Pupils contribute to an impressive variety of charitable work.”

“Pupils are kept safe through the care and devotion of staff who are genuinely committed to their welfare.”

‘….teachers’ questioning supports pupils’ learning and progress because it probes and draws out their understanding.”

“Pupils develop good relationships with their teachers and trusted adults, which has a very positive impact on their personal development and welfare.”

“The range of subjects on offer is broad and varied, giving pupils the same opportunities to study subjects and topics as in mainstream schools.”

“Pupils look out for each other and are keen to support those they consider to be the most vulnerable.”

“The large range of work experience opportunities enables pupils to develop their self-confidence in a range of settings.”

“Pupils are well-mannered with adults and show their appreciation of the help received….”

Glenwood School – Ofsted Inspection December 2019

Glenwood School was inspected on 8th-9th June 2017 and 13-14th July 2017.

Glenwood School – Ofsted Inspection (June 2017)

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Raising Attainment Plan (December 2017)