Glenwood School was inspected on 17th – 18th December 2019.

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Most pupils feel happy and safe at Glenwood. Relationships between staff and pupils are positive. Pupils know that staff care about them and say they sort out bullying quickly. Most lessons are calm and orderly. Routines and supervision at the beginning of the day and during breaks keep pupils safe, calm and ready to learn. The sensory and inclusion rooms help pupils to manage their emotions. Pupils learn the skills they need in reading and mathematics.  

One parent commented: ‘Since the recent changes in school management, there has been a very definite positive change of culture, academically, socially and behaviourally. I am very pleased with the way my child is progressing and learning.’

Improved leadership is making a positive difference to this school. Pupils have opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities. These include clubs for sports, a choir and a rock band. Pupils get the chance to put their learning into practice. For example, they use mathematics when buying items in the local shops. The Headteacher has high expectations and makes sure that staff treat pupils with care and respect. Pupils trust the adults who work with them.

The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders and staff take pupils’ safety very seriously. Staff understand their responsibility to report concerns, however small. They know that this is especially important because some pupils may have difficulties communicating their worries and fears. Pupils learn how to keep themselves safe. They learn about road, railway and internet safety.

Glenwood School – Ofsted Inspection (December 2019)

Glenwood School was inspected on 8th-9th June 2017 and 13-14th July 2017.

Glenwood School – Ofsted Inspection (June 2017)

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Raising Attainment Plan (December 2017)