Pupil Destinations

We have a very effective transition programme including strong links with local colleges to ensure our young people are able to move successfully from school and onto the next stage of their lives.  As part of the Careers Education & Guidance programme, pupils visit most of the local colleges numerous times so by the time Year 11 is reached, they are familiar with the expectations of college, have met former pupils and, as the year progresses, become more confident about the transition.

Over the past six years, the average rate of success of pupils moving into Further Education or training is 95.4%.  This equates to six pupils over the six years who were either NEET (not in education, employment or training) or had moved away and we lost contact.  However, two of these young people subsequently enrolled at a local college the following year.

The local colleges, listed alphabetically, where our pupils have progressed onto are:

  • Chichester College, Chichester
  • Fareham College, Fareham
  • Havant & South Downs College, Waterlooville
  • Highbury College, Cosham
  • Portsmouth College, Portsmouth
  • Sparsholt College, Winchester
  • St. Vincent College, Gosport

Choosing the most suitable college is not straight-forward and pupils are encouraged to choose the college that is right for them, not necessarily because it is the most local college or because it is where their friends are going.

Whilst colleges have their Open Days and Events, parents / carers may like to visit during a normal working day to get a feel for the environment but please contact the college(s) beforehand to make an appointment.

At Glenwood School, the October Parents’ Evening includes representatives from the local colleges so there is the opportunity to find out what is on offer and the support available.

Pupils from 9 onwards meet with the Hampshire Futures’ careers advisor, who will be present at the Year 9 and Year 11 EHCPs, and some Year 10 EHCPs depending on the pupil’s needs.  The transition to college will form a major part of the Year 9-11 EHCPs and will consider pupils’ predicted grades from the various accredited courses on offer at Glenwood School.

Applications to college are generally made at the Year 11 EHCP review.  It is a good idea to apply to at least two colleges – occasionally pupils have applied to 3-4 colleges and 5-6 courses – and make a final decision in the summer term.

Please click on the link below for some questions you may find helpful when visiting college.

Questions you may want to ask when you visit college

Please click on the links below to learn more about the destinations of our Year 11 pupils.

An important aspect of choosing a college is transport.  For the majority of pupils HCC-provided transport is withdrawn at the end of Year 11 so it is important that as many pupils as possible can travel independently by the local bus service; a free Disabled Persons Concessionary Bus Pass is available whilst your child is still at school, allowing free bus travel to and from school and, in addition, it can also be used at weekends and holidays.  The pattern for the number of pupils with a bus pass is fairly consistent with just one or two pupils in Year 9, rising rapidly to 30%+ in Year 10 and 50%+ in Year 11.  Please ask the school office for more information and an application form.  Please note that this scheme is not available to pupils who live in Emsworth, as they are not eligible for HCC-provided transport nor pupils who live in Portsmouth.

When issued with a bus pass, pupils usually practise at home, then use it to go home from school, and only when familiar with the route, use it to come into school as well. Given the number of pupils now using bus passes, most new users are likely to have a pupil nearby who can offer support.  Once confident, and in agreement with parents / carers they will be removed from the list of pupils requiring HCC-provided transport.  Transport to college / independent travel will feature in the Year 9,10 and 11 EHCPs.